Experiences & References

More than 130 different missions performed in Italy, Indonesia, South-East Asia in sourcing, partner search, export development, staff monitoring, administrative outsourcing, … in the following fields/products :

Plain and sparkling wines (Export support services – Italy, Singapore)
Poultry (Feasibility – Italy, Indonesia)
Slaughterhouse equipment (Feasibility – Indonesia)
Veterinary products (Staff monitoring – Indonesia)
Alimentation inox valves (Export support services – Indonesia)
Health food (Italy)
Cheese (Italy, Singapore)
Wheat flour (Italy)
Chocolate (Italy)
Pastry (Italy)
Butter and margarine for pastry and bakery (Hosting services – Indonesia)
Dairy ingredients (Mailing & 1st contact – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Livestock consumables (Partnership review – Singapore)
Amino-acids ingredients (Distributor search & Hosting – Indonesia, Singapore)
Biological shrimps (Partner search Singapore)
Gourmet products (Distributor search – Singapore)
Vermouth alcohol (Distributor search – Singapore)
Traditional cider (Distributor search – Singapore)
Bordeaux wines (Distributor search – Singapore)
Livestock Fair (Promotion – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)

Rubber components (Export support services – Indonesia)
Tires (Indonesia)
Software (Italy)
Industrial marking equipment (Italy, Singapore)

Real estate services (Partner search – Italy)
Plaster (Italy)
Iron fences (Italy)
Gas valves and fittings (Staff monitoring – Indonesia)
Workers security outfits (Feasibility – Indonesia)
Automation systems and motors (Partner search – Indonesia)
Architectonic textiles (Staff monitoring – Indonesia)
Art gallery (Pre-investment study – Singapore)


Engineering school (Recruitment – Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)
Business and management school (Recruitment – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)
Culinary and hospitality management (Recruitment, Partner search, Representation – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)
Design & Fashion (Recruitment, Agent network support – South-East Asia)

Waste treatment and recycling plants (Italy)
Engineering services (Italy)
Water treatment (Feasibility – Indonesia)
Mooring & anchoring systems (Malaysia)
Embarked reverse osmosis systems (Partner search, Recruitment – Malaysia, Singapore)
Catalyst regeneration (Pre-investment study – Singapore)
Oceanographic instrumentation (Partner Search – Singapore, Malaysia)

Rattan semi-finished material (Sourcing – Indonesia)
Interior and garden wooden furniture (Sourcing – Indonesia)
Wooden furniture (Quality control – Malaysia)
Crepes & waffles markers (Partnership review – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)
Crepes & waffles markers (Distributor searches – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)

Agar semi-finished products (Feasibility sourcing – Indonesia)
Veterinary products (Staff monitoring – Indonesia)
Cosmetics for spas (Partner search – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)
Food supplements (Partner search – Singapore)
Marine biotechnologies & cosmetics (Client & Partner search)
Skin care (Partner search – Singapore)

Production management software (Italy)
ATM maintenance services (Italy)
Telecommunication services (Subsidiary Administrative Management – Singapore)

Women’s hand bags (Feasibility – Indonesia)
Luxury leather shoes and accessories (Feasibility – Indonesia)

Tennis racket (Italy)
Professional carbon bicycles (Client search – Italy)
Mobile camping home (Italy)
Rotational dance tracks (Italy)
Golf practices (Partner search – Italy)
3D film production (Promotion – South-East Asia)
4D cinema (Representation – South-East Asia)

Metal stamping (Italy)
Scrap metal (client search – Singapore, Indonesia)
Special dumps for trucks (Italy)
Trucks body (Feasibility – Indonesia)
Anodized aluminium profiles (Quality control – Indonesia)
Marina aluminium pontoons (Partner search – Singapore, Malaysia)

Envelopes (Export support services – Italy, Indonesia)
Cosmetic/perfume packaging (Italy)
Digital printing – control equipment (Subsidiary Administrative Management – Singapore & Asia)

Luxury plastic packaging (M&A search – Italy)
Polyethylene films (Export support services – Indonesia)
Plastic printing films (Feasibility – Indonesia)

Haute-couture/fashion accessories (Italy)
Unbleached textile (Sourcing support services – Indonesia)
Fiberglass textile (Feasibility – Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Philippines)
PVC fabrics for solar protection and furniture industry (Staff monitoring – Indonesia)
Fire resistant fabrics (Customer search – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Luxury lingerie (Commercial development – South-East Asia)

Express courier service (Partner search – Italy)
Tourism bus service (Partner search – Italy)

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