Representative Office (RO)

Purpose of creation

With the strategic location of Singapore, a foreign company can choose to set up a Representative office to conduct market research and feasibility studies on the viability of setting up a permanent entity e.g. a Private Limited in Singapore.

RO allows you to promote your products and support your local partners but within limited activities set by IE Singapore (http://roms.iesingapore.gov.sg/tnc.aspx).
This flexible formula allows to make the most of a Singapore base to prepare a South-East Asian development.

Procedure of creation

Length of time : 5 working days after online submission of a complete application file
We will assist you in coordinating the different steps of this process :

  • Advise during the preparation of your application
  • Validate the profile of the proposed Representative
  • Gather and translate the documents needed
  • Offer a registered address solution

Running /operation

The Rep office is not permitted to render any direct or indirect revenue generation activities on behalf of its parent entity or provision of service.

With effect from 1st January 2012, Rep office may operate for a maximum of three (3) years from its commencement date, subjected to yearly evaluation and renewal.

Thereafter Rep office which decides to continue their presence in Singapore should register with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore for a permanent entity.

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