Here are some instruments that you might need to facilitate your business development in the South-East Asian and European markets.
They complement effectively our core business which focuses mainly in answering this question: who will sell your products and how?

Finding distributors, agents, direct customers is an important step that, once achieved, has to be secured. Indeed, what is the point of having a distributor that does not sell or a passive agent? Optim proposes a service, custom-made according to your needs, and focused on the regular follow-up of your partners in South-East Asia.

Below are the means and services we provide when we are in charge of your partner’s follow-up:

  • An identified contact person is made available in Optim (an initial training is usually necessary)
  • Part time calculated according to your mission’s specs (2 or 4 days per month)
  • A dedicated person managed by an expatriate senior consultant
  • Visiting your partners (customers, distributors, …) according to your instructions
  • Definition of a quantified schedule of tel/fax/mailing/visits
  • Implementation of ad hoc follow-ups practices (tenders, orders, …)
  • Weekly activity reporting

A stand in an exhibition, a trip in the region, a marketing action, … a customized mailing can ensure an accurate information of your target.

  • Definition of the mission’s specs based upon your criteria of selection by priority ordering.
  • Building of a an updated database gathering potential targets
  • Mailing sent to targets upon your specs
  • Report gathering information about all the companies contacted
  • Phone follow-up with immediate transfer of interested contacts to you.
  • Free follow-up service for one month subsequent to the mailing.

You have an agent, a distributor, a direct customer that does not sell as much as you think he should. You cannot get clear explanations. You have not planned any trip into the region in the near future.

Before taking a decision, let us meet your partner in order to identify what is going wrong. This one day mission can boost a partnership and avoid the time-consuming search for a new partner.

Based on years of experience, more than 50% of partnerships can be reactivated by focusing on the root cause of the problems instead of blaming each other. In order to handle this situation effectively, we need sufficient and relevant information from you (historical data, comments, problems encountered, etc.).

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